Rhythm 'n' Dance Academy
Experience the joy of self expression and movement, through the Performing Art's!
Rhythm ‘n’ Dance Academy is an extra curricular Performing Art's program that runs throughout the Southern California area that offers services directly to students
through their school, daycare, school age care or preschool center!

At Rhythm ’n’ Dance our mission is to develop our students to be self-expressed individuals in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Among our highest values are a
spirit of community, vitality and a healthy fit body and mind. Students learn the technique of dance, tumbling, movement, strengthening, cheer & music. Each class is
both educational and celebrational, providing students with the appreciation and skills to enjoy the art's for a lifetime.

Instructors provide a cheerful and positive atmosphere, while the children learn basic techniques in dance, tumbling skills, cheer, strengthening and music. Classes
are specifically designed to develop motor skills, body awareness and muscle toning, thus enhancing poise, fitness and self esteem. "We provide the children with a
fun and nurturing environment, thus,they are able to experience the joys of self expression and movement, music and motion."

Classes for the young child have a tremendous impact on the developmental growth and overall strengthening of social-emotional development. Our program
stimulates and develops the imagination, critical thinking, and refines both cognitive and creative skills.

The Rhythm ’n’ Dance Academy is made up of accredited, professional and passionate personalities who have excelled in the world of dance, tumbling and
movement. All Rhythm 'n' Dance teachers are fingerprinted and registered with the Department of Justice had hold at least 12 ECE units in child development.  

As our teachers pursue other opportunities and educational careers, they commit to joyfully bringing enthusiasm and inspiration into their Rhythm ’n’ Dance classes.
"It takes an athlete to
dance, but an artist
to be a dancer."
*Shanna LaFleur*

"It is the supreme art of
the teacher to awaken joy
in creative expression and
*Albert Einstein*
Our Mission
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2016-2017 classes start back September 6th.
Check with your school to see what day and time we
will be bringing classes to you!