JUNE 7, 2019


Basic Recital Rules & Policies:

*No gum, candy, drinks, or food in the theater, back stage, or dressing rooms.

*Ticket are available - April 1st - the Performance Day.

*Picture Day & Dress Rehearsal are mandatory.

*Pictures and Video’s are copyright protected and owned by Rhythm ‘n’ Dance Academy, unauthorized duplication of materials is strictly prohibited by law.

*In the event money is paid and received for costumes and/or recital fees without the proper recital permission slip or consent form, signature on payment or submission of any payment will serve and be recognized as consent of student enrollment in the recital.

*Parent or guardian will automatically assume responsibility for all recital policies and cost encored once said payment or money is received unless otherwise specified in writing with payment.

*In the event there is an outstanding balance due after the conclusion of Recital events, any purchased items such as DVD’s, pictures or raffle prizes will be held by Rhythm ’n’ Dance Academy until outstanding balance is paid in full! This includes summer tuition balances. *Rhythm ’n’ Dance Academy reserve the right to use all media from their recitals such as video and pictures for future advertising purposes.

Class Attendance:

*All students participating in the annual recital are required to attend class on a regular basis through the date of the recital.

*The last 4 classes prior to the recital are required to attend.

*Please do not commit your student to the recital if you can not commit 100%. It is not only your performer preparing for the recital, and if you decide a week before the show to make other plans this effects the rest of the class in their spacing, ripples, across the floor, grouping and their overall performance that they have been rehearsing toward. It’s just not fair to them and is unacceptable, the recital is not required so please only participate if you know you can commit.

*All important dates for pictures, meetings, dress rehearsal and the recital are given out by the end of November, so please plan ahead if you want your student to participate.

Picture Day:

*Picture Day is MANDATORY!

*There is a $25.00 penalty fee for a no-show to picture day!

*No cameras are allowed at picture day. If you want to take pictures of your dancer in costume, please do so on your own time at a different location.

*No parents allowed in the picture room during photo sessions. No eating or drinking in your costumes or in the hall during picture day or at any time while your child is in their costume. *Pictures must be purchased the day of Picture Day.

*Your dancer’s proof sheet must be turned in whether pictures are purchased or not. They are not your to keep.

*Your dancer needs to be in full make-up and costumes. Not stage make-up or glitter, just a normal everyday application for all. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your first picture shoot time. Picture purchase is not required but attendance is. Our group pictures are displayed in the lobby at the theater during performances for all to view.

*No men are allowed in the Girls dressing area or near the doors or entrances to the girls changing area!

At Dress Rehearsal:

*Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY

*There is a $50.00 penalty fee for a no-show to Dress Rehearsal!

*Ticket will be available for purchase. Be on time and we will start and end rehearsals on time.

*Please be patient during rehearsals, allow an hour and a half at rehearsal. This is the time to "fix" everything so that the show itself will go well.

*Students should be at dress rehearsal 15 minutes prior to their stage time and 45 min prior to their show time.

*Helpers should be at their assigned work area 50 minutes prior to Show time.

*Anyone who is not a student or an assigned helper will need to stay in the audience during rehearsals!

*All performers need to sit with their class in the theater before they are brought onto the stage during dress rehearsal. Any extra people are in the way and will add to the confusion - especially when the house lights are down.

*During rehearsals absolutely no children other than performing students are to be at rehearsals in the theater or backstage. I regret the inconvenience this may cause some of you, but I can't take the responsibility of possible extra unsupervised children. This doesn't seem fair to those of you that have well behaved children, but please look at it this way: this rule will allow you to help protect other children and the performers this will help those performing get the most out of their only rehearsal on the stage.

*Only one parent or guardian per performer is allowed at rehearsal. Do not bring extra people to the dress rehearsal. It is not a show, it is just practice. The students need this night to work the bugs out and do not need the added pressure of a big audience.

Show Staff & Volunteers:

*Only parents who are "working the show" should be backstage or in the dressing areas once students are dressed and in the care of their assigned helpers.

*We appreciate all the help we can get, but if you are not assigned to a special task, you are in the way of those who are.

*Parent Volunteers are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

*Parents must e-mail or call us in order to be considered to help backstage or in the house as volunteers and parents will receive an e-mail confirmation if they are accepted as show staff helpers.

*Show staffs are required to be added to our insurance as additionally insured as you will be represented as RnD staff during the time of the Recital Performance. This is so that you are covered as well as RnD Academy in case of an emergency.

*Please DO NOT volunteers unless you can attend the Staff Meetings at Dress Rehearsal.

*All show Staff must attend a Mandatory meeting, please see your Recital Packet for your specific meeting time and place.

*Those volunteers that do not attend the meeting will automatically forfeit their volunteer position.

*Backstage Staff from (Check your packet) & House Staff from (Check Your Packet). Park in marked stalls only . They will stop our rehearsal and/or tow your car if you do not.

*Dressing for Dress Rehearsal and Performances: No undergarments are to be worn under tights.

*Performers should come dressed in their first costume and bring additional costumes on a hanger. Shoes can be changed into once at the theater.

*Do not let dancers wear their dance shoes outside.

*All hair should be secured away from face. All students are to wear make-up eye shadow, lipstick, and blush is the minimum. All tap shoes should be tied in double knots as should all jazz shoes.

*All strings in ballet shoes should be knotted, cut to about an inch in length, and tucked into the shoes so they cannot be seen.

*Names should be put in absolutely every item. No Jewelry, studded rhinestone earrings are the exception.

*YES, full costume and make-up must be done for pictures, dress rehearsal and the performance.

At the Performances:

*Students are not permitted in the auditorium during the show.

*There are dressing rooms designated for our students. Those rooms are staffed with specific people who are in charge of the students in each room.

*Please make sure that all costume pieces (socks, gloves, etc. are clearly marked with the child’s name or initials).

*Students should be dropped off in their designated dressing room 45 minutes prior to the show time, dressed in the appropriate costume.

*Parents and guests are not permitted to run in and out of the auditorium during the show as it is very distracting to others.

*Bring something for your child to do (puzzles, Game Boy, etc.) in their dressing room we will provide crayons and butcher paper for them to draw on. They will be able to watch the show via closed circuit TV, but keeping them quietly occupied is a good thing!

*Tickets will be sold at the door everyone needs a ticket to enter the theater.

*All seating is assigned, there will also be reserved seating for staff volunteers.

*No refunds or exchanges on tickets.

*Remember to get your ticket orders in early.

*Also remember video/dvd order forms are due at the conclusion of the final performance. *Absolutely no cameras and video cameras will be allowed in the theater.

*No pictures or videotaping will be allowed in the theater by any electronic devices, this includes cell phones.

*It will be the parents/guardians responsibility to inform any guest of these rules. *Unfortunately there was a non-compliance with this last year regarding the flash on cameras and others were caught videotaping so now pictures will have to be taken outside after the performance.

*Cameras will be confiscated at the doors so please leave them in your cars.

*Picture taking is restricted to dress rehearsal only.

*All students are to stay through the finale unless otherwise instructed by Deanna.

*Please do not leave with your children during the show.

*Do not come backstage or to dressing areas during the show if you are not working in those areas. It creates more chaos with the students when they have visitors or parents in and out.

*All parents should enter through the front doors of the auditorium only.

*NO ONE IS TO USE THE BACK DOOR OF THE AUDITORIUM this is for student drop off only. *After checking in your students, parents should proceed to the front of the auditorium and wait for the doors to open.

*There is no entering and exiting the theater once the Performance starts and the theater goes dark! If you or your guest are late they WILL NOT be let into the theater and no refunds are given for late arrivals.

*Please allow yourself and your guest plenty of time and arrive early!

*Please direct all questions to the stage manager in the auditorium and/or dressing areas.

*If you need to talk to Deanna, leave a message with helpers or call after rehearsal or during the following day.

*All tuition fees and any other charges must be paid to date before recital or the student will not be allowed to participate in the rehearsals or performance.

*Group helpers are assigned to be responsible for students’ well-being during rehearsals and performances.

*Students are to obey any instructions given by these people and are to stay with their group leader at all times until their parents return for them. These Staff are following Deanna’s instructions, so if you have a problem, please discuss it with Deanna following the rehearsal or show.

Hopefully, everything will go perfectly, but in case it doesn't, let’s try to work together in a cordial manner to make the best of any situation that may come about. Let's all try to make it a pleasant and exciting occasion for the students. After all, it is their show!!!!!

Audience should feel free to applaud at anytime during performance however, please do not call out names as it is very distracting to the dancer. A lot of applause and whistles on the other hand make the dancer feel appreciated and give them the drive to do their best!!!! It is very important if you have any questions, concerns or circumstance, to discuss them with Deanna before dress-rehearsal and before the performance. Deanna is not just a teacher, she is the director as well and putting on a performance is very time consuming and intense. Her job at the rehearsal and performance will be directing a show, lights, music, dressing room assignments, costumes and the safety of your children. She will not be able to make plans or have discussions at this time so you are greatly urged to contact her before there is an issue. All students must return a permission slip/consent form with the parent's or guardians signature, agreeing to abide by these rules if they wish to participate in the recital!